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Lake Geneva Hotels with Covered Motorcycle Parking

May 27, 2014

in Lake Geneva

Covered parking for our motorcycle is something I am always looking for when checking out hotels, motels, inns or bed and breakfasts. We have sheepskin seat covers on our bike so I really like it if we can park under a canopy. Very few have them.

As I was checking on this while planning my next vacation, I thought about what I could do for bikers at Lazy Cloud. I don’t know of any Lake Geneva hotels that offer covered parking. At Lazy Cloud Inn on State Road 50, we have a large overhang where you enter these rooms –

  • Heavenly Nights
  • Blue Moon
  • Moonlight and Roses
  • Starry Nights
  • Dreamcatcher

So if you’re looking for covered motorcycle parking for your bike, make your reservation with us. All I ask is that you push your bike onto the sidewalk so you don’t disturb the other guests – remember, we are a romantic getaway.   We even have those double whirlpools to soak in just in case you are sore from riding.

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