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Great Fall Date Ideas

October 16, 2013

in Lake Geneva

Happy Fall! Fall is such a romantic time of the year, don’t you think? And as promised, we will be posting one date idea per day. If you take any of our suggestions, and find yourself out on a fun fall date, please share your photos with us. Who knows, you just may inspire others to try a new date idea!

OK! Let’s get started!
Fall Date Idea #1…
Grab your sweetie, maybe a bottle of wine, some cheese, crackers, fresh fruit. Find 2 pieces of paper and a couple of pens…..Now each one of you spend about an hour or so, just thinking about some fun things you would like to do this fall. Every year we always say “next fall let’s make sure and do this, or let’s make sure and do that”. Today, I want you to sit down and write that list.

With the wine, and the food included, this in itself becomes date!

Send us a post on some of the ideas you came up with……

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